June 25, 2009

Following my program completion with FSD on May 23rd, I decided to take a vacation to Rwanda to see the country which has been so enchanting to me over the past few years. I traveled to Kigali to visit my friend Lama Mugabo,Lama the director of a Canadian-Rwandan NGO who I meet over a year ago while I was in school at WWU in Washington. Lama is the director Building Bridges with Rwanda ( and has recently relocated back to Rwanda from Vancouver, BC. He and his sister’s family showed me the utmost hospitality for the two weeks I stayed with them and I enjoyed helping Lama with the initiatives BBR was working on.

Lama took me around to the two communities BBR works in as well as the National University Rwanda (NUR) in the southern town of Butare. We worked to build a connection with NUR students and Canadian students traveling to Rwanda with BBR. We also worked to strengthen the work done by the COWEGA women’s weaving cooperative in Gashora, Bugesera.COWEGA These women work to remove the invasive water hyacinth plant that is strangling the watersheds of Rwanda. But it doesn’t stop there. Once the plans are removed, they are dried and the women weave them into amazingly well crafted textiles. Their slogan says it all: Environment + Economics.
Rwanda Kid
After two weeks of productive work with BBR I decided to take a vacation to the beautiful lake Kivu on the western border of Rwanda. I traveled to the town of Kibuye, a quite coastal town situated between a gorgeous aqua blue lake and contrasting deep green hills and islands. I instantly feel in love with Kibuye and spent the next five days basking in relaxation before heading north for Jinja.Kibuye


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